MegaCycle™ is the result of an extensive design process. Development included form studies, product benchmarks, market and field research and product refinement based on user feedback and engineering analysis.

A small team of expert design/engineer/fabricators took a no-holds-barred approach to the project, putting creativity and design excellence as a project priority.

The result of this adventure into ergonomics, socializing, function, form and materials is a device unparalleled in the world today. 


Ergonomics/User Experience

Bicycle ergonomics are a highly evolved topic; however, bicycling while seated at a bar-rail perpendicular to the direction of travel has few precedents. The design process revolved around the user experience. The goal being to not only comfortably accommodate many body types while efficiently powering the vehicle but climbing on and off safely, being able to socialize and enjoy the ride! This is no small task.

The illustration below by Marshall shows some of our design evolution:

In the proven theme of design/build/test (and repeat), we chose to build an ergonomic test rig to verify our human-machine interface.

Here's a shot of bar and beer tester, Matt Frakes, trying out the rig:

Socializing and exercising with a group of your friends is best accomplished if you are not looking at the side of your driver's head. By moving the steering forward into a cab-forward design, there are better sight lines among the participants.

Here's a sketch by Marshall illustrating the solution:

By completely modeling the bike in 3D CAD (SolidWorks), the MegaCycle was digitally prototyped prior to any metal being cut. This is an outstanding tool for determining how everything will fit, reducing the build revisions. This is a core competency of the design team. Additionally we used our simulation capabilities (FEA) to ensure the first unit would be reliable, safe and still maintain a low curb weight.

A key advantage of our design is the decision to go to full suspension. Our user study confirmed our suspicions that one should not be shaken violently over small bumps while attempting to consume a beverage.

Here's a shot of the 4-link coil spring rear suspension that gives MegaCycle its amazing ride:

A full digital prototype allows us to verify all of our ergonomic and mechanical designs prior to cutting metal. It may take some time to do, but it's well worth the effort when the build commences. Here's a screen shot of the SolidWorks model:

Here's the final product! The well thought out design and material choices come together very nicely. This is a vehicle unlike any other in the world!

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