A key tenant of our design philosophy is to not only to do great works of engineering, but to realize those designs in the physical world. By building our designs personally, we get immediate feedback as to the realities of every design decision. 

We did the entire build in-house with the support of a few excellent local vendors where necessary. With many years of precision machining and fabrication experience in both the aerospace and automotive worlds, the design and build team excelled at the build of the new MegaCycle™.


The chassis is a tubular steel space frame design that is stiff yet efficient (light weight). It uses off the shelf high performance automotive parts wherever possible. The full suspension design utilizes the common Mustang II front suspension system.

Fabricators at Caztek Engineering utilized both GMAW (Mig) and GTAW (Tig) welding processes for the MegaCycle build. The design called for many welds in both carbon steel and aluminum.

The overall length of the vehicle is very close to the maximum length that will fit in our welding bay!

Once the first seatpost, drivers seat and wheels are in place, the shape and scale of the MegaCycle starts to come in focus.

Attention to detail is a priority on any build. Where the design dictates a smooth surface, the welds are ground flush and disappear after paint.

Every tube in the frame is fit precisely and welded with the utmost care.

The deck plates return from waterjet cutting and fit the frame weldment perfectly.

As the running boards and wheels come together a low angle shows a sleek race-car look.

An overhead angle of the chassis at its first pedal test. It's the bare minimum assembly point where the driveline is installed along with the suspension, brakes, steering and pedals for 10 people.

MegaCycle #001 moves under people power for the very first time on a cold day in Minnesota.

Here's a shot of the front suspension right after coming back from paint. Those are metallic BMW colors with clearcoat!

Once the final fit up was complete the chassis is disassembled and sent out for plating, anodizing and paint. Then final assembly commences along with all of the finishing touches such as lighting, sound system, wiring and graphics.

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